Mernøe no. 1 is designed with profound respect to details and sustainability. We work with three key elements which constitutes the high quality that forms the basis of out product.


Mernøe no. 1 primary element is Sibo mahogony. The wood is originated from west and central Africa and has a uniform dark red color with distinct dark brown veins giving the wood its distinctive character. The wood we use for Mernøe no. 1 is 100% fsc certificed which support the sustainability management of forests.



Brass is a material that creates an elegant, solid and beautiful design. However, the primary reason for the choice of this material is that brass creates a glare from the LED strips and in this way it creates the light and the atmosphere that is characterized by Mernøe no. 1



The light from Mernøe no. 1 is created from no less than 600 lightingbulbs placed discreetly above the bottom element of the pendel.
Long LED suspended luminaire with downward light emission (Light emission is not direct but reflected by the mahogany surface) and ceiling element with integrated power supply unit; connection to 230 V AC mains voltage. Dimmable via Touch DIM (if supported).

LED strips.jpg